Right people for SHINSUNG Industrial

SHINSUNG Industrial People

We create a happy future based on challenge and innovation.

A person who works in an organized way
Achieve teamwork and consider other people.
A person who works with a challenging spirit
Act confidently with ambition.
A person who thinks creatively
Create customers’ future values with an open mind.
A person who works reasonably
Compete fairly and practice sharing.
Organization system

SHINSUNG Industrial has designed its organization by combining the characteristics of each organization to respond properly to various circumstances. We will upgrade our organizational structure for the mutual development of the employees and the company.

Direction of HR management
Vision and strategy of SHINSUNG Industrial
An industrial and real-life chemical company growing together with customers through environment-friendly materials and solutions
  • To secure global-level R&D capabilities early

  • To improve price competitiveness through economy of scale

  • To expand customer base by expanding overseas business network

Personnel management system linked to strategy and vision
Direction of operation of HR system in SHINSUNG Industrial
Provide employees with the opportunity to maximize their growth potentials keeping pace with the growth of the company.
Talent Acquisition
We secure talented people by making a ‘Value Proposition’ for the maximum value of individuals’ employment and the growth capability of the company.
Performance Management
We are operating a performance management system for the achievement of the goal of the organization’s growth and effective support of the development of individual capabilities.
Competitive compensations are given to individuals according to their value and contribution level focusing on the core competence of the organization and the best workers.
Career Development
We provide sufficient opportunity for experience of various works accompanied with the growth of the company.