We have supplied world-class designs and superior quality products to major global client companies through technical cooperation with Nitto Denko, a distinguished global company. We are now leaping forward to be a global leader introducing better products to the market with continuous R&D.
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    Developing superior products by sharing core technologies of chemical materials and new materials


    Reviewing and applying designs of products of worldwide trend by sharing information on product design


    Manufacturing and supplying the products produced in the locality through the global company of Nitto Denko

Open type technological innovation and internalization
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    The ‘Composite Lab’ of SHINSUNG Industrial has concluded agreements with distinguished global companies on technical cooperation to develop new products using the latest technologies and is internalizing professional knowledge and fresh ideas obtained outside the company by participating in various academic forums and seminars.
  2. 02
    SHINSUNG Industrial is saving time and resources and accelerating internal technological innovation using the ideas and R&D resources which have been obtained by expanding the R&D activities, which used to be limited to internal resources and capabilities, to outside the company.
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    We have made a success in localizing superior global technologies and now we are leaping forward to becoming a leader in the global market by developing competitive new products.
Technical agreement
  • Nitto
    Expansion of application to NVH
    • Sponge foam
    • Structural adhesion sheet
    • Functional tapes
  • Sika
    Special functional adhesive
    • Structure reinforcementagent
    • Epoxy-related adhesive
    • Materials for architecture and construction
Academic societies
  • Noise and Vibration Engineering
    Expansion of application to NVH
    • Automobile area
    • Construction area
    • Other areas
  • The Rubber Society of Korea
    Collection of information on rubber materials
    • Study of basic materials
    • Application of elastomer material to each industry
  • The Polymer Society of Korea
    Acquisition of information on new materials
    • Polymer materials
    • Adhesion materials
    • Surface and particle structures
    • New materials
Strengthening market competitiveness
by preoccupying advanced technologies and new products