Green Management

Environment-friendly production process

SHINSUNG Industrial is making efforts to reduce discharge of harmful materials by substituting the existing materials with environment-friendly materials (raw materials, products) or removing and collecting harmful materials through innovation of the production process.

  1. Ecofriendly R&D

    Development of products with environment-friendly materials

  2. Input

    Introduction of environment-friendly materials

  3. Process

    Environment-friendly production process

  4. Output

    Environment-friendly products

Green Management R4 Policy of SHINSUNG Industrial

We will establish a Regenerative Business Model by implementing the 3R (Recycle, Reduce, Reuse) policy.

R4 Policy

We are conducting various enterprise activities for sustainability management guaranteeing environment-friendliness and commercial value in order to pursue environment-friendliness, economic feasibility and productivity at the same time and maintain constant industrial activities and preserve the ecosystem for the welfare of human beings.

Green Management Logic Tree of SHINSUNG Industrial

SHINSUNG Industrial is operating the Green Management System to respond to environmental problems in an organized and systematic way.

The Green Management Logic Tree System of SHINSUNG Industrial
An industrial and real-life chemical company growing together with customers through environment-friendly materialization solution
Environment-friendly Management
  • Reduction of
    greenhouse gases
  • Improving energy
  • Improving resources
  • Observance of environmental laws and establishment of internal standards
  • Reflecting environment - friendly activities to management performance
  • Substitution with environment-friendly materials
  • Development of environment-friendly production methods
  • Sharing environment awareness through education and training
Certification for environmental management system (ISO 14001)