Company Introduction

SHINSUNG Industrial is a chemical company.

We design, manufacture and supply (sell) excellent chemical products using high-quality raw chemical materials.

SHINSUNG Industrial is a solution company.

We solve problems and maximize performances by discovering customers’ difficulties and providing more values than the product itself by customized products and services.

SHINSUNG Industrial is a international company.

We are actively trying to advance abroad to serve our customers at a close distance by opening local factories and office in addition to export-type business in order to satisfy diverse needs of our customers at home and abroad.

SHINSUNG Industrial is a company which has accumulated its credibility.

We keep the heart and memory of our customers through ceaseless communication with them in order to achieve the mission of our company.

SHINSUNG Industrial is a company which makes challenges all the time.

We will leap forward to becoming an international chemical products manufacturer pursuing common prosperity with our customers by providing globally competitive products and the services that can impress our customers using superior manpower, sate-of-the-art automation equipment, accumulated technology and knowhow, etc.