Introduction of research institute

SHINSUNG Industrial established the ‘Composite Lab’ to experiment and develop chemical products by the cooperation of professionals in each area and manufacture the products meeting the various needs of customers in the global market. The superior research staff and the latest research and experiment equipment of the Composite Lab reflect the ambition of SHINSUNG Industrial to serve our global customers with superior service, quality and knowhow at a closer distance.
Areas of research
Year of establishment
  • 2017
Test equipment
  • More than 20 kinds including UTM
Experiment & Mix equipment
  • Kneader pressurizer Kneader for experiment, etc.
Areas of research
  • EVA material area
  • Epoxy materials area
  • Rubber material area
New material area
  • Developing products of various industrial areas using new materials
Research performances
Holding technologies
EVA Material
  • Soundproof material using EVA foaming technology
  • Sealing material using EVA adhesion technology
  • EVA material injection technology
Rubber Material
  • Soundproof material using rubber foaming technology
  • Adhesion materials using the adhesiveness of rubber
  • Dust removal material using the elasticity of rubber
EPOXY Material
  • Adhesion material using Epoxy
  • Reinforcement material using the hardness of Epoxy